Grains of Salty Truth

  • Plastic Pollution Grows Worse During Pandemic

    At the outset, Covid-19 appeared to be an unexpected boon to many environmental movements. Carbon emissions in 2020 were at some of the lowest levels in decades. A lack of demand in manufacturing led to a reduction in pollution. Some Southeast Asian countries would shutter their wet markets while making wildlife tracking illegal. But one area of environmental outcomes has grown worse during the pandemic – plastic pollution.

  • Work in the Time of Pandemic - Part 2

    Along the way someone taught us that success comes only to those who work hard. Hard work is key. I’m not denying that. However, tying incessant work to success, especially if we define it in terms of material wealth, isn’t the reality for many. Luck also plays a role. When we think about achieving our dreams, we don’t address luck as a factor because it is inimical to narratives about personal sacrifice.
  • Work in the Time of Pandemic - Part 1

    Littorary is part of a startup boom happening during the pandemic. Startups like ours are proof that the desire to refashion the world for the better is boundless. They are also proof that making dreams real, especially from the ground up, is such an age-old human struggle. In other words, we at Littorary see you, you fellow startups.
  • Pandemic Coffee

    The coronavirus pandemic has thrust uncertainty on all of us. This personal essay highlights one small way to maintain a semblance of normalcy amongst the ever changing circumstances.