Littorary Debut and VITRI™ Tumbler Premiere at World Tea Expo

By Jim Clugger


Littorary presenting at World Tea Expo 2022


We had an amazing time at World Tea Expo 2022 in Las Vegas!

World Tea Expo was the first expo where Littorary exhibited as a brand and it’s where we revealed our first product, the VITRI™ Tumbler.

Our booth had non-stop activity on day one, except to break for the Devan Shah Tea Tycoon Competition, where we won the Sustainability Award!

The Tea Tycoon competition is geared towards early-stage companies like Littorary, which was founded in 2020. We are honored to win the award for sustainability, a core value for our company.

Day two was also busy with people that could not get to us on the first day and with people bringing their friends back around to see, as they described, “the most interesting new product at the show”.

That product, the VITRI™ Tumbler, is an on-the-go mug that eliminates synthetic materials like plastic, rubber, and silicone from the drinking experience by employing a patent-pending glass seal.

At Littorary, we believe thoughtful product design and engineering can improve the eating and drinking experience in concert with sustainability and wellbeing. We’re offering consumers a better alternative to plastic products: reduced environmental impact, chemical-free sustenance, and an overall better drinking experience.

We chose the World Tea Expo to launch our first product after attending the same gathering in 2021, where we learned that the tea community aligns very closely with our design principles of elevated experience, sustainability, and wellness. We were also pleased to see the openness and inclusivity of the tea community. With all those values aligned, we knew that the World Tea Expo would be a great place to showcase our first product.

Thank you to everyone who made the World Tea Expo a great success, including the event staff, fellow exhibitors, and attendees.

Please stay tuned to our website, blog, and social pages as we continue to launch the VITRI™ Tumbler.

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