Grains of Salty Truth

  • Bioplastics: No Panacea

    Rather than the cure-all that was proffered, upon closer inspection, bioplastics appear to be a regrettable substitution for conventional plastics. Research shows that bioplastics suffer from toxicity and negative environment impacts like their petroleum-based counterparts.

  • California to Investigate Whether Petrochemical Companies Misled Public about Plastic Recycling Efficacy

    The state of California took an unprecedented step in shattering the plastic recycling illusion recently when Attorney General Rob Bonta announced an investigation into petrochemical companies to determine the extent to which they have known about the futility of plastic recycling and the extent to which they have misled the public.
  • Littorary Debut and VITRI™ Tumbler Premiere at World Tea Expo

    We had an amazing time at World Tea Expo 2022 in Las Vegas! World Tea Expo was the first expo where Littorary exhibited as a brand and it’s where we revealed our first product, the VITRI™ Tumbler.
  • Introducing the VITRI™ Tumbler

    Littorary is excited to reveal our first product: the VITRI™ Tumbler! The VITRI™ Tumbler is an on-the-go mug that maximizes the experience of your favorite hot or cold beverages.
  • Deer Meat Increasingly Contaminated with Hazardous PFAS Chemicals

    Maine joins Michigan and Wisconsin in issuing a “Do Not Eat” advisory for deer meat because of PFAS contamination.
  • Confronting Plastic Pollution at Specialty Coffee Expo in New Orleans

    “The specialty coffee industry is aware of the problems regarding plastic pollution, for sure... we are looking for sustainable processes that begin with the farmers and end with the person drinking the coffee.”

  • Climate Advocates Meet in NYC while Giant Sequoias Burn in CA

    Climate advocates are convening for Climate Week NYC 2021,while at the same time wildfires in California, exacerbated by climate change, threaten the world's largest tree.
  • Maine Passes First State Law on Plastic Producer Accountability

    In mid-July, Maine became the first state to pass a law holding producers of plastic packaging financially responsible for recycling the materials they generate, paving the way for other states to follow.
  • Plastics Hit Men Where It Hurts

    Men, plastics are shrinking your manhood. It’s not a joke. Studies show that chemicals used in the manufacture of plastics contribute to the reduction in size of the male reproductive organ, or the penis.
  • Corporate Projects Wish Away Plastic Pollution

    "These companies are pursuing false solutions that range from potentially damaging at worst, and simple wishful thinking, at best" – Emma Priestland, Break Free From Plastic Corporate Campaigns Coordinator.
  • Lawsuit Targets Greenwashing by Plastic Using Corporations

    Earth Island Institute unveiled yet another novel legal theory in its bid to hold the companies that create the growing global plastic pollution problem to account.
  • Sustainability at the 2021 World Tea Expo

    The sustainability aspirations of the tea industry were on full display at the 2021 World Tea Expo and were made only more prominent by contrast of the hosting city, Las Vegas, known for excess. While such aspirations are noble, this article highlights an experience that exemplifies the persistent gap between those noble aspirations and the general conduct of the beverage service industry.